Carvalhal Itinerary

- Start your day with a delicious breakfast in Carvalhal, at the Bakery Vóninha

- After breakfast head to Carvalhal Beach and either relax or try some surf Lesson with Surfin Carvalhal

- Eat the best grilled fish in Comporta at the Restaurant Dinis, right at Carvalhal beach. 

- After a bit of relaxing at the beach head to the village of Carvalhal, and visit the decor shops like:  and the antique stores (Velharias do Júlio, e Velharias da Sara) right at the entrance of Carvalhal. 

- To see the sunset we highly recommend having gourmet picnics at a secret beach, via Comporta WoW experience

- For dinner we recommend the Restaurant 5 Sentidos in Carvalhal

Do you want to try out this itinerary? Contact us below so we can arranje everything for you without any extra fees.